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Our Story

Our firm was founded on traditional values, integrity and personal service. Our core services are Investment Management and actively managing clients’ portfolios, to providing comprehensive wealth planning-which includes retirement, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies.

We value our clients and the deep relationships that have been established by providing service and attention that we believe you will not find at other advisory firms. Our relationship with our clients are unique, personal, private, and exclusive. We aspire to have only a limited number of clients and to provide personal service to every one of our client relationships.

Being independent affords us the ability to provide our clients with sophisticated and objective advice.

Discover the Difference

We provide Independent and objective financial advice.

SJF Investment Managements’ process begins with the client relationship at the core. Our clients seek to prudently grow and protect their wealth. 

Our wealth management strategies are designed to fit the needs and goals of every client.  We do not impose a one-size-fits-all program and we take great care to explain the likely strategies, fee’s, and risks. Our clients should have a full understanding of their financial situation and any recommendations before they choose to engage us to be their advisers.

Transparency and communication is critical to the growth and maintenance of our client relationships. Financial decisions incorporate emotional and analytical inputs. While it’s our job to focus on the analytical side, it’s important that we understand the emotional drivers of our clients’ decision making process.  We aim to be an important part of our clients’ lives—not just for check-in meetings, but as friends and confidants when times are good as well as tough. We welcome questions, concerns and discussions from our clients. 

We embrace a long-term perspective when we start a new client relationship. Our approach is focused on helping our clients achieve their lifetime financial goals – not to maximize quarterly performance. We have the confidence and discipline to stick to a strategy and position our clients’ portfolios to seek long-term success.

SJF Investment Management is committed to becoming your partner in the wealth management process. We look forward to spending the time with you and your family and ensuring that your wealth is handled properly.

Fiduciary Standard

SJF Investment Management's culture is reflected in our firm commitment to always place our clients' best interests first.


Our firm was founded on traditional values, integrity and personal service.


Our commitment to serve with a fiduciary standard of care is the foundation required in a trusting advisory relationship.

We operate with transparency, mitigating conflicts of interest, and put the client first.


Our Promise is to:

  • Treat our clients with respect, honesty, and integrity

  • Put our clients interest first

  • Open communication and transparency with our clients

  • Provide our clients with a disclosure of all fees charged.

Sherman Fernandes | Financial Advisor| Rome, Georgia

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Our Story
Discover the Difference
Fiduciary Standard
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